Revista Conmemora: El foco no está en las cifras. Dejemos, por primera vez, los números a un lado y miremos las fotografías (página 34). No son las imágenes de una catástrofe aunque sepamos que Buenaventura es, ante todo, una vieja catástrofe de Colombia. 




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Entrega del informe de memoria a la comu…

01-03-2014 Galerías fotográficas

El Placer Putumayo

01-03-2014 Galerías fotográficas

El país se movilizó el 9 de abril

01-03-2014 Galerías fotográficas

Memorias desde región


Publicado 17 Abr 2014

Through audiovisual projects such as videos, galleries and multimedia, we narrate the memory of victims of Colombia’s armed conflict, giving their memory initiatives visibility so that the crimes they witnessed aren’t forgotten and don't recur.

The results of research and missional activities are broadcast through educational resources such as radio programs, podcasts, printed leaflets and infographics that are accessible to diverse audiences.

The majority of the reports published to the date include one or more of these pedagogical components. The investigation “Enough Already!” for example resulted in a condensed brief, a radio series and the documentary "There was no time for sadness" which narrates how Colombia has been the scene of armed conflict for over 50 years and how citizens have survived this long period of violence. Soon there will be a multimedia version of the report, and it will be translated into English as well as indigenous languages.


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