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Procedures and services

Publicado 17 Feb 2015
Last modified on 12 Mar 2018

Report Request:

If interested in any publication or product from our research projects please send your application to the following email: pqrs@centrodememoriahistorica.gov.co or through the following form.The centre will reply with instructions for the process to follow and the delivery date, according to our inventory.

Contributing to the truth and historic memory

Description: contribute in an effective way to understand the creation of illegal armed forces. Also knowing what they did, the context in which it happened and who the victims were. However, this does not implicate any judicial charge for those who contribute to the process.

Results: a certificate for contributing to the truth and historic memoire.

Estimated time of procedure: two (2) months

What is needed to contribute?

  1. Fulfil the necessary conditions to carry out the procedure
    1. Verification: to compromise and commit to reintegrate to society and contribute to the truth before the Colombian Agency of Reintegration (ACR)
    2. Verification: being demobilized
    3. Documents needed: Identity Card (please present original document)
    4. Verification: only applies when committed the following crimes: criminal conspiracy, simple or aggravated, illicit use of uniforms and badges, illicit use of transmitting and receiving devices and the illegal carriage of firearms and ammunition.
  2. Attend to the formal citations for a structured and full interview.

Information for the follow up and tracking of the user:

CENTRO DE MEMORIA HISTÓRICA, BOGOTA D.C. –Monday through Friday from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm - CR 6 # 35 - 29 – telephone numbers: (1) 7965060 – 237.

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