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Colombia's National Museum of Memory - Winner Announcement

Publicado 18 Aug 2015
Last modified on 12 Mar 2018
Competition winning project design National Museum of Memory Competition winning project design National Museum of Memory

Project by Colombian firm MGP Arquitectura & Urbanismo and Estudio Entresitio from Spain wins historic international competition for the architectural design of Colombia's National Museum of Memory.

The International Competition for the Design of Colombia's National Museum of Memory, organised by the National Centre for Historical Memory, which became one of the largest architectural competitions ever held in Colombia, reached its final stage this week. The independent five-member jury revealed the winning design. The concept proposes an engaging interior journey where visitors will find a variety of paths, from the spacious exhibition rooms to the wide-open terraces. The rooftop, intended as a mountainous microcosm, allows the visitors to feel the city’s energy and enjoy the beauty of Bogota's Andean landscape. The interconnected terraces give the opportunity to gather, read, talk and even find moments of silence for reflection and remembrance. The jury highlighted that although it is a solid volume, the architects successfully accomplished a transparent and highly permeable ground-floor that integrates the pre-existing sculpture and nearby settings.

Jury Decision

The jury determined "Between the Earth and the Sky" as the winning design by unanimous decision. The jury evaluation is available on the NCHM website (only available in Spanish). Besides the top three projects, the juries selected three proposals for honourable mentions.

1st Prize: MGP Arquitectura & Urbanismo and Estudio Entresitio (Colombia & Spain) Code JQ3

Architects Felipe González Pacheco and María Hurtado de Mendoza

2nd Prize: Taller Síntesis (Medellin-Colombia) Code PB7

Architects Farhid Maya, David Cuartas and Lucas Serna

3rd Prize: David Delgado Arquitectos (Bogota-Colombia) Code BL9

Architect David Delgado Rodríguez

Honourable Mentions:

  • Estudio Altiplano (Bogota-Colombia) Code AD6
  • Fernando y Rincón Arquitectos (Bogota-Colombia) Code EB3
  • Consortium Arquitectos Latinoamericanos: García Estefan (Montería-Colombia) & Monoblock (Argentina) Code SC4

Complying with the rules, all proposals submitted were anonymous throughout the process. The jury included practicing and academic architects and urbanists, alongside experts on bioclimatic architecture, exhibition and archive design. The jury hold extensive experience in the issues of memory, conflict and museums, including two jury members having designed museums of memory, one in Bogota, Colombia and the other one in Santiago, Chile.

From the 72 projects submitted, the jury members selected 24 in the first round. Later, the selection reduced the proposals to 14, to 8, and finally to 6.

The jury members were architects Juan Pablo Ortiz, Clemencia Escallón, Mauricio Pinilla, Mario Figueroa and Efrain Riaño.

Winning Team

MGP Arquitectura & Urbanismo is an award-winning Colombian architectural firm based in Bogota. Founded by architect Felipe González Pacheco in 1991, the firm has developed a remarkable portfolio including residential and office buildings, educational and institutional projects, and urban design plans.

Estudio Entresitio is a renowned Spanish architecture studio founded in 2003 by architects María Hurtado de Mendoza, César Jiménez de Tejada, and José María Hurtado de Mendoza, after having worked with globally recognized architect Rafael Moneo. Their work has been published widely in Europe, Asia, and America.

ganador Museo Nacional Memoria 2015 Colombia interiores

Competition Awards

The winner of the competition will be awarded COP 670 million Colombian pesos (approximately USD 245,000). In addition, the contract for the development of the project comprises a sum of COP 3.2 billion Colombian pesos (approximately USD 1.2 million) that will be provided as a fee to develop the project design. The contestants that came second and third in the competition will be awarded COP 134 million Colombian pesos (approximately USD 49,000) and COP 89 million Colombian pesos (approximately USD 32,000) respectively.

Competition Highlights

The single-round competition was open to qualified architects, natural or legal person, Colombian or foreign, either individually, as a joint venture or consortium. For international candidates was a requirement to establish an alliance with a Colombian representative. Launched on April 9, the competition’s final rules were published on May 27 and the registration was due June 19, 2015. Besides Colombia, applications were received from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong, and also from Latin America, with Mexico, Chile, and Brazil.

109 applications were received and 72 proposals were submitted, each of these composed by six plates.

From August 10 and for the following two weeks, all proposals will be exhibited to the general public in Bogota, at the City’s Archive.

About the National Centre for Historical Memory

The National Centre for Historical Memory’s (NCHM) purpose is to contribute to the comprehensive reparation and to the right to the truth for the victims of the Colombian armed conflict as well as society in general. The Centre accomplishes this by reconstructing, through the testimony of victims, the human rights violations that occurred during the armed conflict, searching for truth, justice, reparation and the construction of a sustainable and lasting peace.

The NCHM is a platform for the articulation, compilation, inclusion and increased visibility of the plural memories of Colombia’s armed conflict, emphasizing the victims’ perspective, in order to contribute to the historical clarification and to provide assurances of non-repetition.

All of the information gathered by the National Centre for Historical Memory is made available to victims as well as to educational institutions, international cooperation partners, public institutions, and citizens in general through different museum activities, including educational, academic and cultural initiatives that enrich the knowledge of Colombia’s political and social history.

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