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Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica
Concurso para el diseño arquitectónico del Museo Nacional de la Memoria
International Competition for
the Architectural Design of
Colombia’s National Museum of Memory
“A daily meeting point with the unspeakable” (Barry Bergdoll)
  On 9 April 2015, the National Centre for Historical Memory (NCHM), in association with the Colombian Society of Architects, launched the International Competition for the Architectural Design of the National Museum of Memory (NMM) in the city of Bogota. The NCHM invites the international community to publicise this information and encourage global participation in this international competition. The competition seeks to ensure that the architectural proposal complies with the restorative, monumental and memorial nature of this project.

The competition aims to select the best proposal that will articulate this complex architectural programme effectively. Therefore, it requires an emotive, plural, aesthetical, flexible and symbolic design. The timeframe regarding registration and reception of proposals will be communicated in the coming days.

The National Museum of Memory is a project of great urbanistic and political transcendence for Colombia. For this reason, it must integrate a special component formed by sensitive contents, which will put into context and encourage participants to understand those who will inhabit and fill the Museum with life, in particular the victims. The architects need to take into account these voices in order to interpret what happened, as memory plays a leading role in the construction of a better society in the future.

The building itself should be a memorial, which means it should have an architecture with a commemorative nature that would give account of the intention of the content. The monumentality of the Museum should therefore celebrate the symbolic meaning of the Museum content: it is about respect, plurality and diversity, about remembrance, criticism and creation. “A daily meeting point with the unspeakable” (Barry Bergdoll).

The NMM and the adjacent Democracy Square will constitute a continuum of expression of knowledge, grief, resistance, creativity and resilience, which the Colombian population from all regions has demonstrated towards violence. In that regard, it is a special synthesis of the various places of memory built in different sites in Colombia, in which violations of human rights took place. Taking into account these particularities, the Colombian Society of Architects, the National Centre for Historical Memory and the Office of the Mayor of Bogota have selected recognized architects. This includes five professionals that will have the enormous responsibility to choose the winning architectural firm, which will design the future National Museum of Memory. Every one of them, from their respective field, will critically, thoughtfully and sensitively assess the proposals. They will make recommendations and suggestions to the winning design in order to make this a historic, architectural and museological milestone in Colombia.

This international competition will award the three best proposals that meet and comply with the requirements to express the memories of what happened and the voices of resistance, while combining through the different areas of the Museum the expectations and demands of the citizens that contribute to the construction of a better country,
  Frequently Asked Questions

• Who can participate in the international competition for the architectural design of the National Museum of Memory?

Any natural or legal person, Colombian or foreign, either individually, as a joint venture or consortium. It is required for international candidates to establish an alliance with a Colombian registered architect. All must comply with the registration process and the presentation format of the proposal, documented in the international competition’s terms of reference published on the website of the Colombian Society of Architects.

• Which are the evaluation criteria of the international competition?

Among the evaluation criteria, a strong focus will be put towards the coherence and sensitivity of the architectural approach of the proposal in relation to the main theme of the Museum. The assessment will also consider the suitability of the new museum in relation to the emblematic urban location consolidated as the Axe of Memory and Peace. The jury will evaluate the most effective solution to answer the functional requirements of the museum and the environmental criteria integrated into the design.

• Which are the prices?

The winner of the competition will be awarded COP 670 million Colombian pesos. In addition to the contract for the development of the project, a sum of COP 3,200,000,000 Colombian pesos will be provided as a fee to develop the project design. The contestants that came second and third in the competition will be awarded COP 134 million Colombian pesos and COP 89 million Colombian pesos respectively.

• Will all the proposals be exposed??

Yes, an exhibition of all the received proposals will take place in July 2015.
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